Summer to Winter

Just because winter is nearly upon us doesn’t mean that you have to pack away all of your summer wear. Today i put together an outfit for work incorporating a summer skirt bought in Matalan for £9.00 with a grey vest top from there £3.00 and added a jacket that i bought from Oxfam that had originally come from Marks and Spencer Next i picked out the mulberry colour in the skirt – which is a winter colour for 2012 and added mulberry colour opaque tights bought in Superdrug, but Primark do wonderful colours that can brighten up a dull outfit. It was then finished with grey shoe boots bought in Marks and Spencer sale 5 years ago for £9.00 and accessorised with a heart shape necklace given as a gift. A total outfit for under £30.00 Just because we have seasons in the weather be adventerous use those summer clothes to their advantage.Image



I always buy earrings, necklaces and other accessories when I am out and about. Whether I need them at the time or not. Remember just because you haven’t got anything to match it with at the time doesn’t mean that you won’t use it in the future. Try not to go with the latest fashion you could be wasting your money and the idea is to save money in the long run. Sales on line are good I especially like they have a vast array of designers and when they have their 25% sale you can get good designer bargains. Primark is another shop where you can accessorise on a budget. I have a friend who makes jewellery which is a spurge but the designs are classic and a twice yearly treat Remember accessories can make the dullest dress sparkle – try accessorising, experiment what others don’t like you may love!



So today was a funny day, sunny this morning with predicted rain, oh what to wear?  So today’ s offering was black biker boots purchased in Spain 5 years ago for 80€ and still going strong with a gothic rosette fit & flare dress purchased in Apricot £26.00 accessorised with silver ball earrings and matching necklace purchased in marks and spencers sale £5.00 many years ago.Image

Bargain Chloe Dress

Bargain Chloe Dress

£5 bargain found in Vintage & Frocks, Aylsham Norfolk. I then added a large black satin ribbon and a cheap £1.99 pair of dangling earrings from Matalan. The other photo i then added a dark silver chain effect belt that i picked up for about £3 from Accesorize in Bicester Village a few years back. So as can see a total transformation for under £10.00

The beginning

So here goes, i’m 44 and after many months of trying to find out what and how to “blog” this is me giving it a go! It may take some mistakes to get the ball rolling and there may be blanks where there should be colour, but let the fun begin.

I like most people love fashion and especially the shoes and accessories that you can use to turn the dowdest item into something special, and i love peoples faces when i tell them that everything was either bought very cheap or from a supermarket.